Around the world with Malene Kjærgaard

Experience jazz for children with the band who won Danish Music Awards ”Children’s Jazz Prize 2020”

Malene is on holiday at her grandfather’s. Time is at a standstill and she is bored. So she decided to explore her grandfather’s old attic. Here she discovers and old suitcase containing souvenirs and findings from his journeys around the whole world.

At the concert Malene investigates the big suitcase’s contents. The children will be lead through short stories about different countries. They will be on a train-ride through Russia, arrive at a city fair on the island Trinidad, relax on the beach of Copacabana, go to a drum- and dance party in Ghana and go for a bike ride through Copenhagen.


  • Credits
  • Band:Malene Kjærgård, Maj Berit Guassora, Johannes Wamberg, Tobias Dall, Tira Skamby
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