Puppet theatre

Blue Child by Det Lille Turnéteater

A performance for the youngest about colours, senses and learning something about yourself

The blue child wakes up one morning in his bed on the blue planet. He sees a doors that is not usually there. ”Strange” the child thinks. ”A door?”. And the child decided to go through the door.

Through the door the child arrives in the big world. He meets a playful seal on the ice, the fiery soul in the hot centre of the earth and other colourful creatures. It is a long and terrific day. At the end he can go to bed much richer in experiences. The performance is about sensing, experiencing, learning new things and finding one’s identity. It is a journey around the blue planet that turns out to have many hidden colours.

NB: It is possible to reserve seats for the performance at the ticket- and info stand at the festival site for the day which you wristband is valid.

  • Credits
  • Director:Simon Boberg
  • Performer:Peter Holst
  • Set design and props:Sanne Mejse Ystrøm
  • Set design and lighting design:Pernille Plantener Holst
  • Sound design:Janus Jensen
  • Puppeteer:Kristian Knudsen
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