BRUNCH TALK – Diversity and international perspectives

Exploration into how market-based performance contexts shape and challenge artistic choice and diversity in childrens’ theater.

ZeBU – PRISMA invites international guets as well as Danish agents in children’s theater to investigate paradoxes inherent in the interrelation between market, performance context and artistic diversity.


For registration, please write to Nanna B. Butters: 

  • Credits
  • Instructor and festival leader from Turkey:Hakan Silahsizoglu
  • Stud ph.d. Teatercentrum from Denmark:Pernille Welent Sørensen
  • Artistic leader Teater JaLaDa from Sweden:Rayam Al Jazairi
  • Artistic leader ZeBU from Denmark:Jørgen Carlslund
  • PRISMA Projectmanager:Nanna Bøndergaard Butters
  • Journalist from Denmark:Zach Khadudu
  • Artistic leader Teatergrad from Denmark:Christine W. Kann
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