Street theater

Crazy Cops by Dansk Rakkerpak

Ridiculous deployment-theatre in interaction with the festival site and audience

Crazy Cops is an experienced and tough police force on horseback that can be deployed anywhere law and order needs to be reinforced. Crazy Cops will do anything to secure the safety of the country and spoiled kids, and put insufficient educational grown ups in place. When a ‘real villain’ emerges – escaped from the city’s dungeon – the hunt is on with any means necessary.

  • Credits
  • Concept:Niels Grønne, Niels-Peter Kløft
  • Cast:Niels Grønne, Martin Ingleby, Steffen Sommerstedt, Niels-Peter Kløft
  • Costumes:Malene Bjelke
  • Horse makers:Malene Bjelke og Annika Nilsson
  • Props:Christian Q. Clausen
  • Photographer:Jan Christensen
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