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De Paso

De Paso (Passing Through) is about life. The lottery of life begins… And you are born, and you find a world to discover, a world to run and turn..Time passes, years go by and suddenly you no longer have time to play…And the wind blows, the wind of chance, that tickles you, that pushes you, that brings you and takes you and maybe with good luck it will make you dance, maybe it will make you feel butterflies in your stomach … and the world keeps turning,although sometimes we try to stop it. Moments where the two characters meet and miss.

About the company
La Industrial Teatrera is a circus and street theatre company specialising in clowning. It is a Catalan-Madrilian mix born out of the meeting between Jaume Navarro and Mamen Olias in 2002, two artists with many years of professional experience in various theatre and circus companies and projects. These two multidisciplinary artists created the company with the aim of communicating with the audience through smiles, laughter and emotions. In order to achieve this they use techniques of interpretive theatre, circus and street theatre with a specialism in clowning.

  • Credits
  • Director:Jordi Purtì
  • Performer:Cristina Sole/Mamen Olìas
  • Performer:Jaume Navarro
  • Scenery designer:Jordà Ferrer
  • Construction:Taller del Lagarto
  • Props:Mariona Ferrer
  • Music:Tales Music
  • Costumier:Mamen Olìas og Mariona Ferrer

What the press says

  • '... True to themselves, without words, the pair of clowns Jaume Navarro and Mamen Olías , who form La Industrial Teatrera, premiered a delicious play, tender, poetic, playful, chaotic, close to us, that show us a cycle of life of two beloved beings'

    - Crónica/Carlos Gil

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