Farewell Bird by WunschMachine

A guided theater tour at the nearby Sundby Cemetery

Farewell Bird leads a small group of children and their adults through the cemetery with a sound work in their ears, which mixes children’s reflections on parting with stories about how the funeral ritual has been through the ages in Denmark. On this journey we meet the girl Teresa, who is furious because the red sledge that used to eat off the bird feeder outside her window is dead. Together with the children, they perform a ritual and bury the red sledge, and their joint action opens up a hidden but magical side of the cemetery, where they meet the ‘mourning widow’. She leads the children through a new ritual where they lie on the grass with soil in hand. The performance ends with a dancing funeral procession to grave-juice water in honor of the red sledge, and afterwards we are invited to a talk about experiences with parting.
The performance is a different and playful way in which we, through storytelling and ritual, relate to having to say goodbye to someone we love.

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