Physical theater

Flip-Flop by Theater o.N

What could be more magical than letting your imagination run wild?

You may not remember it, but there was a moment in our lives when everything was new and always changeing and we were busy constantly building relationships with the world around us. Just in the blink of an eye – Flip: our clothes become a plaything. Flop: our body becomes a game. And so we invent a whole universe and experiment with different ways of being and relating to each other and the world.

Flip-Flop is a scenic play with gentle courage that inspires the audience’s playfulness and opens space for new experiences and narratives. A journey of transformation can begin, to discover a new world and many versions of ourselves.

  • Credits
  • Concept:Nasheeka Nedsreal
  • Dance / Choreography:Nasheeka Nedsreal, Cíntia Rangel
  • Dramaturgy:Guilherme Morais
  • Assistance Set Design, Costumes and Production:Anna Schröder
  • Sound Design:Edgardo Gomez
  • Project Management:Vera Strobel
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