Street theater

Game Theory by Joshua Monten

Before dance became art, before it tried to express anything, before it was a ceremony or a technique, it was a game

To play means to act out situations that are not possible or not allowed in daily life. To play means to destroy and create, to flirt with danger, to release one’s animal energies, to experience the thrills of domination and being dominated. The games we like the best are often the ones that have consequences and risks, games that are more than just a game, games that make our head spin and can break our heart.

  • Credits
  • Choreographer:Joshua Monten
  • Dancer:Claudio Costantino
  • Dancer:Angela Demattè
  • Dancer:Sandra Klimek
  • Dancer:Max Makowski
  • Dancer:Jack Wignall
  • Dramaturg:Guy Cools
  • Cotumes:Catherine Voeffray
  • Lighting Designer:Jonas Bühler
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