Street theater


Two giraffes and their youngster stroll through the city accompanied by musicians who playfully recreate a dreamlike, savannah atmosphere. Spectacular, visual, with no set script, these delightful denizens silently advance, communicating and connecting with the public they encounter or take by surprise. This proposal is delicate, elegant; suggesting another way of seeing the city or any other space, through the ingenious, curious gaze of this gentle giraffe family.

A wordless show that’s the sheer height of entertainment for public of all ages.

Guest performance with Xirriquiteula Teatre (Spain)

About the company
Xirriquiteula Teatre was founded in Barcelona in 1985. During all these years of existence we have created and produced street theatre shows as well as productions for the stage aimed at audiences of all ages. We have worked with different directors over the past two decades and our shows are the product of our vocation to research, learn and improve as artists and creators.

Each project has always been “hand crafted”. We pay attention to the smallest details, giving the best we have to offer in order to produce quality theatre for the smallest and the youngest.

  • Credits
  • Performer:Ximena Escobar
  • Performer:Eduardo Varela
  • Performer:Dani Carreras
  • Musician:Camilo Vernazza
  • Musician:Alberto Carrena
  • Costumier:Lolanda Llansó
  • Costumes:El Talleret
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