Street theater

Giraffes by Xirriquiteula Teatre

The Springfestival’s recurring audience favorite!

The beloved giraffes from the Catalan / Spanish theater troupe Xirriquiteula Teatre have been a regular ingredient in Springfestival since the start back in 2007. Again this year they come by to create a savannah atmosphere in the big city with their two full-size giraffes and their smaller, slightly more inexperienced but playful young people. Accompanied by musicians who create a dreamy African atmosphere around them, they move quietly and curiously around the festival site, always ready to kindly make contact with the young and old they meet on their way. Do not miss a fascinating sight and a happy reunion with the gracious giraffes.

  • Credits
  • Comedian:Ximena Escobar
  • Comedian:Eduardo Varela
  • Comedian:Dani Carreras
  • Musician:Camilo Vernazza
  • Musician:Alberto Carreño
  • Costumes:Iolanda Llansó
  • Costumes:El Talleret
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