Laika by Xirriquiteula Teatre

The funny and gripping tale of the space dog Laika

It’s a cold winter’s day in 1957 and Laika, a small Russian crossroads, is trying to survive in the frozen streets and backyards of Moscow. She had probably not imagined that one day she would become the protagonist of the Cold War space race as the first astronaut dog sent up in the Sputnik II rocket in orbit around the earth. Xirriquiteula’s award-winning performance tells Laika’s gripping story without words but with the help of mime, puppets, paper collages, overhead projection and a made-up language in Russian of the highest quality.

  • Credits
  • Director:Enric Ases
  • Composer:Albert Joan
  • Artistic Team:Iolanda Llansó
  • Artistic Team:Enric Ases
  • Artistic Team:Marc Costa
  • Artistic Team:Christian Olivé
  • Artistic Team:Daniel Carreras
  • Light Designer:Daniel Carreras
  • Costumes:Iolanda Llansó
  • Scenographer:Marc Costa
  • Screen Design:Christian Olivé
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