Music theatre

Lods Hans by HeartBeat Group

A live music performance about waste sorting and environmental awareness

Lods Hans is a cheeky and modern paraphrase of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale about Klods Hans. Heartbeat Group’s version is presented as a ‘renovation adventure’, where music on rubbish adds a new dimension and a positive message to the story: “When we look at waste creatively, it becomes a resource.” With a playful approach and with infectious music and humor, the thoughts about sustainability and climate challenges are made personal and concrete, so that the children can go home with a new knowledge of how to sort their rubbish and how to take care of the environment.

  • Credits
  • Director:Carsten Friis
  • Cast:Nils Antonio Kløvedal
  • Cast:Søren Brandt Monberg
  • Cast:Morten Brandt Monberg
  • Cast:Kasper Møller
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