Street theater

On the Bench by Teater Kimone and Cikaros

A dance-acrobatic intermission

Two contemporary circus women in a quirky acrobatic duet on a bench in the cityscape. Surprising moves, impressive balance, feminine and powerful, playfully straightforward and totally abstract. Elegantly dressed and to the sound of classical music they stand, sit, lie, lift, dance, jump, roll, support, bend, spin and stretch with and towards each other in a curious play with the bench. You sit. You look. You wait. You are. You feel trapped – you feel free. You are too early – you are too late. You look at the others – you look at yourself. Through balancing and body-bending moves ”On The Bench” explores what can arise in the cracks and gaps in life.

  • Credits
  • Artist:Signe Løve Anderskov og Henriette Aarup
  • Photographer:Jan Vesala
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