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Psycho – Street Cut

“Dansk Rakkerpak” (“Danish Riffraff”) pays tribute to the maestro of horror movies, Alfred Hitchcock, by producing a theatrical remake of his 1960 masterpiece “Psycho”.    The play unfolds in real, non-verbal, “Rakkerpak” style with lashings of fun, slapstick, spot-on timing, body comedy, musicality and, of course, with an unbeatable slow-motion finale.

The play is performed in daylight, which means that some of the natural instruments of horror fall by the wayside. The police and child welfare authorities have also asked for the killer’s murder weapon (a kitchen knife) to be replaced with a fish and for the detective’s gun to be replaced with a banana. Yet we have to warn: The play is not for the fainthearted!

According to theatre director Niels Grønne: “The most respectful way of dealing with a classic is to attack in a way that shows no respect”.

About the story…

Nightclub singer Marion steals a diamond necklace from a smarmy rich man and flees. There is a storm, and she decides to spend the night at a random motel. But the motel owner, Norman Bates, is raving mad and murders her. Marion’s sister, Lila, and private detective, Milton show up on the scene and together they decide to reveal the killer.  Come and see if they succeed!

  • Credits
  • Idea and concept:Grønne & Kløft
  • Manuscript:Niels Grønne og holdet
  • Actor:Susanne Bonde
  • Actor:Jesper Pedersen
  • Actor:Thomas Dinesen
  • Actor:Niels Kløft
  • Director:Niels Grønne
  • Dramaturg:Jane Rasch
  • Composer:Thomas Dinesen
  • Scenographer:Christian Q. Clausen

What the press says

  • ...Rakkerpakfolkene (leger) vittigt med teatrets virkemidler, mere end godt hjulpet på vej af Thomas Dinesens ekstremt opfindsomme musik, der både leverer lydeffekter og gysertoner. En lille times originalt og vellykket gadeteaterdrama, næsten uden ord, men fuld af gedigne grin og hyggelige gys.

    - Henrik Lyding, Jyllandsposten

  • Det er den stumfilmsagtige spille stil fuld af gakkede indfald og træfsikker pantomime, der holder komikken kørende, og den er for alle aldre (...)

    - Randi K. Pedersen, Teateravisen

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