Stop, Now Jump! by Gazart

A wordless performance about gravity for the youngest

A sensory and fabulating performance for the very youngest that explores gravity, mobility and movement. In a universe of balloons and balls, clumsy clown characters and creative costumes, the dancers investegate how things can roll and tumble, rise up and fall down and how gravity sets everything around us in motion. In a light and playful universe we meet an elegant dancer and a strange creature: A soft tumbling and a big round belly. Together they investigate a circus inspired universe full of magic and everything that is moved by gravity. Balls roll across the floor, jump and fall down again before everything is still…for a moment. Let the playing begin: Stop, now jump!

NB: It is possible to reserve seats for the performance at the ticket- and info stand at the festival site for the day which you wristband is valid.

  • Credits
  • Choreographer:Tali Rázga
  • Dancers:Tomomi Yamauchi, Villads Bugge Bang
  • Composer:Jens Berents Christiansen
  • Set design:Gøje Rostrup
  • Tailor:Michael Nøhr
  • Photographer:Søren Meisner
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