Street theater

Tame Wild by Dansk Rakkerpak

A real jungle-comedy about finding your inner primal strength!

The Newyorker Jane is obsessed with the legend of the Lord of The Jungle and gets quite excited when she opens the colourful comic about her idol. One day she decides to travel deep in the jungle of Africa to find the hero of her dreams. The question is if the legend can live up to the expectations…

Tam Wild is a nonverbal street performance that plays around with theatrical expressions, supported by loads of sounds, slapstick and poetry…and the classic line: ”Me Tarzan, You Jane!”

  • Credits
  • Cast:Susanne Bonde, Niels Peter Kløft, Bastian Popp
  • Script:Niels-Peter Kløft, Susanne Bonde
  • Director consultants:Alex Byrne, Troels Hagen Findsen, Niels Grønne
  • Scenographer:Christian Q. Clausen
  • Composer:Bastian Popp
  • Props:Annika Nilsson
  • Costumes:Lise Zitta Østergaard
  • Photographer:Jan Christensen
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