Tutti in Valigia af Luigi Ciotta

Springfestival 2021 coming up

It is with careful steps that the festival team is in the process of planning another fantastic festival when Springfestival 2021 takes shape from May 25th – 30th. The program is about to fall into place, and we cross our arms and legs so that we can awaken senses and cultural experiences with theater from both home and abroad for the city’s families with children in the end of May.

It will be a firework of culture from all corners of the world – in a safe environment – where we can hopefully gather for everything we have missed the last year.

Tutti in Valigia by Luigi Ciotta

Thank you so much for this time, Springfestival 2019

Springfestival 2019 is over and thanks for this time. It has in every way been an absolutely terrific festival with fantastic performances and installations. Many thanks to all the artists and all of you who came and saw and took part in it all. You have all been involved in making Springfestival 2019 something very special! We look forward to seeing what the future brings and in the meantime you can keep an eye on what is happening at ZeBU. See you later!

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