SpringFestival 2019 is held around Amager Kulturpunkt. There are four indoor and several outdoor venues at the festival. All outdoor venues are at Amager Kulturpunkt.

  • There is unrestricted access for wheelchairs. In BETA you have to use an elevator. Please let the ticketstaff know, before the performance, if you need a special wheelchair seating.
  • Toilets for disabled are available at all venues except in ZeBU.
  • Glass bottles and cups are not allowed in the theatre, but you can get your drinks in to-go paper cups, which can be brought into the theatre. You are not allowed to bring food to the venues, but you can eat outside or in the lobbies.
  • It is not allowed to take pictures or make videos during the performances.

ZeBU. Indoor. It is possible to buy hot and cold drinks and snacks in the ZeBU bar.

BETA. Indoor.

Amager Bio. Indoor.
Amager Bio

Børnekulturhus Ama’r. Indoor.
Børnekulturhus Ama'r - Mulighedernes rum

Amager Kulturpunkt. Outdoor. There is unrestricted access for wheelchairs.