A Mano (By Hand) is a story, told with clay, about a small character with a great desire to escape from a shop window and those who inhabit it. It is a love story, a story about small failures. A potter’s wheel, a tiny workshop, a cup that breathes and four hands that play.

Guest performance by El Patio Teatro (Spain)

About the company
El Patio Teatro build, model, write, direct and play. Together, they create moving, reflective and beautifully original performances inspired by stories from everyday life and by the lives of objects around them. This inventive performance was winner of the Best Small Show Award at Feten 2013, the European Fair of Performing Arts for Children.

  • Medvirkende
  • Concept, direction and puppeteers:Julián Sáenz-López og Izaskun Fernández

Det siger pressen

  • 'A tender and delicate performance… of very small dimensions where the protagonists are ‘produced’ from a small piece of clay and the puppeteers’ hands act as the body, legs and feet…'

    - Portal Jovespectacle/Josep Vilaplana

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