BRUNCH TALK – Diversity and international perspectives

A very interesting and succesful talk about exploration into how market-based performance contexts shape and challenge artistic choice and diversity in childrens’ theater.

ZeBU – PRISMA invites international guets as well as Danish agents in children’s theater to investigate paradoxes inherent in the interrelation between market, performance context and artistic diversity.

  • Medvirkende
  • Instructor and festival leader from Turkey:Hakan Silahsizoglu
  • Stud ph.d. Teatercentrum from Denmark:Pernille Welent Sørensen
  • Artistic leader Teater JaLaDa from Sweden:Rayam Al Jazairi
  • Artistic leader ZeBU from Denmark:Jørgen Carlslund
  • PRISMA Projectmanager:Nanna Bøndergaard Butters
  • Journalist:Zach Khadudu from Denmark
  • Artistic leader Teatergrad from Denmark:Christine W. Kann
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