Deux Secondes

In Deux secondes (two seconds) Mr. Petit Monsieur continues his exploration of modern life and its challenges. A small man in a too-small suit with a self cast tent. It should be so simple – yet waging Le Petit Monsieur a fierce battle with his tent and not least himself. Full blast humorous slapstick.

Guest performance with La Compagnie du Petit Monsieur (France)

About the company
Since 1998, the Company “du Petit Monsieur” is pleased to see you in the street theater festivals in cabaret, France and elsewhere … Toting his phonebooth and tents at the four corners of the world, Mr. Petit spreading his faith in stupidity, useless and bullshit … Long live the clown!

  • Medvirkende
  • Concept and performer:Ivan Chary
  • Producer:Amandine Barillon
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