Peeping Tom

“Vindueskigger” (“Peeping Tom”) – a modern street-puppet production for tweens. “Peeping Tom” combines puppetry, contemporary circus and performance in a modern collage production set in a framework of changing scenes. The production is without words and is performed in a window at Amager Kulturpunkt to an audience out on the square. “Peeping Tom” allows the audience to peek into the otherwise private world of the city’s ground floor appartments, where you always want to have a peep. Looking through the window gives you a glimpse into a world that goes on when people are alone in their own homes. The play tackles issues such as identity, loneliness, dreams and secrets.

  • Medvirkende
  • Puppeteers:Karen Monrad og Henriette Aarup
  • Composer:Andreas Busk
  • Puppetmaker:Karen Monrad
  • Sounddesigner:Andreas Busk
  • Costumier:Stine Marie Krebs
  • Costumier:Marie Berlev
  • Constructor:Jon Gelting
  • Consultants:Emilie Bendix og Anika Barkan
  • Producer:Teater Amorphe
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