The Kitchen

Outside a town is an abandoned house. One day two persons appear from different directions. They stand on either side of the house and think “I can live here!” One is an old sailor who has finally gone ashore. The other is a little girl who has run away from the orphanage.

They meet in the kitchen. None of them knows what to do, but both believe that they came first.

From there the story begins of how they agree to live together. This proves to be difficult. Both will do things their own way and none of them has much experience with either house or kitchen. And both are equally stubborn. But the sailor has always wanted a daughter and the girl has always wanted a father. Slowly but surely, they manage to find a common system. And slowly they begin to like each other. They even have quite a lot of fun together.

The Kitchen presents a fun but thought-provoking story where the theme is in multiple parallel levels. On the surface it’s about how two very different people, despite large differences, can create a co-existence. Not only as a compromise, but as an everyday symbiotic relationship, in which both are happier than before. The underlying associations may go to the challenges of the multicultural life in Norway and the rest of the world, eternal bilateral political disputes, and if you want to read the play with depth perception – clash of different civilizations.

  • Medvirkende
  • Direction, choreography and text:Jo Strømgren
  • Performers:Ivar Sverrisson og Hanne Gjerstad Henrichsen
  • Scenography:Jo Strømgren
  • Lightdesign:Stephen Rolfe
  • Sounddesign:Audun Melbye
  • Music:Viljo Vesterinen
  • Producer:Jo Strømgren Kompani v/ Sunniva Steine
  • Co-producer:Brageteatret
  • Funded, Norsk kulturråd and Norways embassy to Copenhagen
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