A conch shell lying on the Mediterranean sand whispers to us with sounds of the marine fauna and animals which throughout history have emerged around these shores. Using our hands and our imagination we’re going to build all of these figures as we create a theatrical celebration, an animal party in which the audience participates.


About the company
Markeliñe creates performances with a very unique style. A way of working that defines them before all viewers, young and old, as a group that proposes original creations that are also imaginative and surprising, with a unique stage code. Always based on the gestures of their actors and rejecting the text, Markeliñe has found its own language, where the music, that serves
to seduce the audience with stories that have multiple facets, is the theme of emotions. Its research on objects, aesthetics and movement has been widely acknowledged in every field, enabling Markeliñe to consolidate its presence on stage.

  • Medvirkende
  • Artistic direction:Iñaki Egiluz og Joserra Martínez
  • Technical direction:Jon Kepa Zumalde og Paco Trujillo
  • Performer:Sandra Fdez
  • Performer:Anduriña Zurutuza
  • Performer:Fernando Barado
  • Performer:Jon Koldo Vázquez
  • Management and PR:Gloria Hernandez
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